Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Is Sovereign?

Imagine the archetype of the mighty superhero, the otherwordly savior of humankind, faster than a speeding bullet and able to soar higher than any plane.

Now imagine his female counterpart, the immortal warrior princess from a far away land of myth.

In a bygone era they represent justice, and on many occasions they join together to protect the planet against unimaginable threats.

Now imagine what goes on behind the scenes.

A passionate love affair ensues, and unbeknowst to the the mighty superhero, a child is conceived.

The princess disappears, determined to raise her child in secret, away from the violence and injustice of mortal man's world.

The child is named Aleksandr. He is raised by his mother in an island paradise, ignorant of his lineage, or the real reason he is so powerful.

In a moment of tragedy he learns the truth.

And so Aleksandr, now a man, ventures to the outside world in search of the father he never knew existed.

But he soon discovers another disturbing truth...

His father, the savior of humankind, once known the world over as dead.

Lost forever to his mother's land and people, how does he find his place in a strange new world?

What does he do with himself? How does he honor his father's memory?

The answer...

He continues the fight where his father left off.

Look for Sovereign's story in the Arcadia Collective Anthology#1
Sovereign (c) 2009 Michael Powell

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