Saturday, November 28, 2009

Read about The Sovereign

Here is another ad for "The Arcadia Anthology" comic which features Michael Powell's Arcadian hero "The Sovereign". This piece was created by Arcadian artist Sean Harley.

A Banner Bonanza!

In anticipation of our promotional blitz next month, The Collective artists have begun producing web banners. Here is a small sampling of what we have so far. These will certainly go a long way in helping us spread the word that The Age of Arcadia is upon us!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seconds, Anyone?

There is a song that goes "Love is lovelier the second time around".
I can't vouch for the validity of that statement, but I can say that the Arcadia Anthology's second cover is a lovely thing to behold.

Malacai Brown has upped his game for his sophomore effort as cover artist on The Anthology.

Enjoy this preview of our "second time around".

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The 4-Spot

Beginning with issue #2 of The Arcadia Anthology, the last four pages will be dedicated to a revolving back-up feature. Kyle Chaney will kick off the 4-Spot by submitting a story featuring Z the Dream Warrior to issue 2 and 3. Z will be followed by a 2-part Nightshade story entitled "City of Fools", which will appear in issues 4 and 5. Art for the Nightshade story will be provided by Jamal Gillum and Avery Mitchell (better known as A.R.M. to his friends on myspace).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Bug Color Preview

Hey, guys. I wanted to stop for a moment and shine the spotlight on the stellar work on Kyle Chaney, who stepped up in the eleventh hour to draw the first installment of Eric Lamont's Blue Bug story. In only a few days he has produced some stunning work! Not only has Kyle penciled and inked the five page story, but he is doing the colors as well!

This is the first page of the story. This is just a hint of what's to come!

The Arcadia Comics Collective Anthology #1...Coming Soon!

-Mike Powell

Blue Bug (c) 2009 Legacy Heroes Comics

Thursday, November 19, 2009


After laying out Chapter 2 of my story, I decided it fitting to post a character profile of Ominus, the "dark knight" archetype in my little comic book universe.
To enlarge the image simply click on it.
Look for Ominus' first appearance in Chapter Two of Sovereign's story in the Arcadia Anthology #2.

-Mike Powell

Ominus (c) 2009 Michael Powell

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Order Changeth

Due to deadline concerns, The Blue Bug story, "Aerial Assault", will be re-assigned to artist/colorist
Kyle Chaney Jr.

Kyle seemed eager, and ready to step-in for Mike Czenk.
I've already forwarded the plot and breakdowns to him, and I'm now looking forward to seeing his first completed page!

Mike Czenk has stated interest in submitting an original character to future issues of The Anthology.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lucero Promotional Art

This Lucero pin-up was drawn by Kyle Chaney to promote the Arcadia Anthology. Expect more promotional art in the days and weeks to come.

Lucero (c) 2009 Sean Harley.

Let's Make It Thrice

As they say: "The third time is the charm." Our third attempt at a cover image has paid off! By combining Malacai's original line art and Kyle's color layers, we end up with an image that, in my opinion, allows the best of both previous covers to co-exist.

I made a few minor additions to the piece as well.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Tale of Two Covers

This is the re-colored version of Malacai's cover art. He felt that the previous version overpowered his inks and crosshatching. His version, rightfully, restores the line art, but I think it suffers from a weaker background.

Ah, but there still remains a solution to our double cover dilemma...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Is Sovereign?

Imagine the archetype of the mighty superhero, the otherwordly savior of humankind, faster than a speeding bullet and able to soar higher than any plane.

Now imagine his female counterpart, the immortal warrior princess from a far away land of myth.

In a bygone era they represent justice, and on many occasions they join together to protect the planet against unimaginable threats.

Now imagine what goes on behind the scenes.

A passionate love affair ensues, and unbeknowst to the the mighty superhero, a child is conceived.

The princess disappears, determined to raise her child in secret, away from the violence and injustice of mortal man's world.

The child is named Aleksandr. He is raised by his mother in an island paradise, ignorant of his lineage, or the real reason he is so powerful.

In a moment of tragedy he learns the truth.

And so Aleksandr, now a man, ventures to the outside world in search of the father he never knew existed.

But he soon discovers another disturbing truth...

His father, the savior of humankind, once known the world over as dead.

Lost forever to his mother's land and people, how does he find his place in a strange new world?

What does he do with himself? How does he honor his father's memory?

The answer...

He continues the fight where his father left off.

Look for Sovereign's story in the Arcadia Collective Anthology#1
Sovereign (c) 2009 Michael Powell

Our First Cover

This was our first attempt at a cover for issue #1. Malacai Brown provided the drawing, and Kyle Chaney the color. Malacai was not fully satisfied with the final results, and will be submitting an alternate version of this cover. "Back to the drawing board", as they say.

A Bug in My Ear

The creation of the Arcadia Anthology is the direct result of one little, blue guy. The Blue Bug! Mike Czenk had informed me that he was doing a drawing of Blue Bug, which was inspired by a picture that I had posted on Myspace. Mike's drawing generated a little bit of buzz. Soon, Mike and I discussed doing a Blue Bug comic. But I was reluctant to take on a full issue, so I suggested a short story. Publishing a 6-page solo story didn't seem feasible, so I set out to find other artists, and create an Anthology series.
Blue Bug will appear in every issue of the series.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This blog will function as a "shared site" for the creators, artists, and writers of The Arcadia Collective. Here you will find Anthology-related pin-ups, previews, and promotional images.
You will also learn more about The Collective Artists, as they display their work, and discuss their various, other projects.